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Solar structure support new entrant

With many years of metal processing and manufacturing capabilities, Chiaming Steel has precise process services to produce parts required in various fields. In recent years, due to the vigorous development of green energy, in order to continue to deepen the development of the cross-border green electricity market in the metalworking field, the optoelectronic industry bracket product line has been developed, which can be customized according to different environments and customer needs. We provide design and production services for photovoltaic brackets and using different materials such as steel, magnesium aluminum zinc steel, hot-dip galvanized steel and general steel.

Chiaming Steel has "steel coil slitting equipment" that is rare among ordinary processing plants. Therefore, in addition to ensuring quality and accelerating the processing process, Chiaming Steel also provides a variety of applicable processing services to meet the required shapes. In addition to laser cutting, rounding and folding, and flat cutting, the factory also provides embossing and punching processing services. We provide one-stop services to help customers shorten production delivery times and fully ensure quality and efficiency. We have sufficient supply now, waiting for your arrival...


​Slotted C channel


Fasteners, connecting pieces







Welding robot arm


Powder baked galvanizing service

Slotted C channel

Steel plate thickness 1.6~5.0 m/m
50 / 150 / 175 / 200 type


Solar case base


Steel plate thickness 1.0~6.0 m/m
LW:152 m/m
SW: 50 m/m


About performance

Coming Soon

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