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Chiaming Steel Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1986. Every product produced so far is tailor-made to meet the special needs of customers. In Chiaming, we have a very strong technical processing team, and we are proud to provide the best service, no matter the processing of large or small batches, we still have enough production lines and personnel to meet flexible or urgent delivery deadlines.

So far, it has won the trust and praise of customers in the shipbuilding industry, yacht industry, mechanical equipment industry, cold chain warehousing industry, green power EPC industry, building materials decoration industry, steel factory and other industries. It also provides vertical processing services. Two new factory buildings were set up in the industrial park, and several processing production lines were introduced.



The founder, Chairman Xie Yongfu, has 50 years of experience in the steel industry, and founded Yude Laser Cutting and Chiaming Steel Company. After graduating from elementary school, Chairman Xie worked as an apprentice in many industries, including electric welding and ironwork. During his service in the Matsu Dongyin Island Amphibious Reconnaissance Company, he trained the spirit of hard work. In 1963, he started his own business the following year after retiring from the army. From his personal studio until now, he owns two enterprises, four factories and more than 30 pieces of steel processing equipment.


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The combination of "gesture" that symbolizes everything is OK and "steel" symbolizes the combination between perfect processing and the fulfillment of the mission, which is an important driving force for the company's continuous upward development.
Blue represents trust, safety and authority, showing that Chiaming "upholds professionalism and integrity, creates one-stop processing solutions for customers, and creates unlimited possibilities."

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No. 96, Heye 3rd Road, Daliao District, Kaohsiung City

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