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Sheet metal processing

For more than 40 years, Chiaming Steel, which started with technology, has continued to innovate and purchase new equipment. We can customize your needs.

Our services include laser cutting, steel cutting, folding bed modeling, whether it is rolled, round, bent... etc., we have customized processing, customized products can improve your company's production capacity, so that you will always be For leading roles in the industry, Jiaming is your best choice.


Divided into steel strips with a set width by a circular knife

to cut

Laser cutting, laser engraving, plasma cutting


Steel plate, tube, strip size cutting


Punching, tapping, pattern pressing plate


Folding, bending, rounding, trimming

welding assembly

Gas welding, electric welding, CO2 welding

Six major crafts

Create a one-stop processing service

Steel coil slitting, steel coil cutting, pattern anti-slip plate embossing, sheet metal cutting, sheet metal folding, sheet metal, section steel and steel structure rolling, angle iron forming, bracket forming, etc. Provide customers with customized processing and services from disassembly, quotation, production, assembly, delivery, etc. to achieve the mission.


Manufacturing processes

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